Save on auto repairs with the most up-to-date high tech auto service in San Antonio

Late model cars have computer chips (Engine Control Modules or ECM) for every major system. Our new Snap-On Verus equipment and trained technicians can save you time and money. Put dealer high costs behind you and we’ll reprogram your ECM to make sure your car is giving you maximum performance.

Auto engine diagnostics is more complicated today than ever before.

Engine and fuel functions that were previously controlled by mechanical and vacuum connections, are now controlled by computers.  You need auto repair experts who have up-to-date technology and the training to use this to keep your car running at peak performance.

Reprogram your Engine Control Unit (ECU) without going to the dealership.

Auto Service Experts in San Antonio has the latest equipment, experienced mechanics and the best service of any auto repair shop in San Antonio. We offer ECU programming using the latest equipment.

You can avoid costly repairs with good preventative maintenance

Check and top off your vehicle’s
essential fluids

• Brake
• Power steering
• Transmission
• Antifreeze
• Windshield washer fluids
Quarterly maintenance should include

• Oil change
• Chassis lubrication
• Engine tuning to look for faulty spark
  plugs and gummed up fuel injectors
• Battery maintenance and cleaning

• Check engine belts
• Shock absorbers and struts

• Air filters
• Wiper blades


Your car has lots of parts that are not managed by computers

Auto Service Experts are also experts at scheduled maintenance and auto repairs like brake repair, car air conditioning repair, transmission repair, and even diesel engine repair.

Let Auto Service Experts help keep your vehicle running at peak condition!

The best way to make sure all your vehicle’s routine maintenance needs are taken care of is to sit down with your Auto Service Expert’s auto technician and create an annual auto maintenance schedule.